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Single-phase inverter generator - HECHT IG 1100

Single-phase inverter generator. Continuous power 1000 W. Maximum power 1020 W. 1x 230V socket. Tank capacity 4,5 L Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht  |  Product code: HECHTIG1100

Single-phase inverter generator - HECHT IG 1100 Single-phase inverter generator - HECHT IG 1100

Product description


Single-phase inverter electricity generator
Permanent power 1000 W
Maximum power 1020 W
4-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine
Transformation of alternating current to direct current and back using the latest electronics
Thanks to this controlled transformation, sensitive electronic devices can also be connected
The generator delivers a regular and smooth curve (sine wave)
Including protection against overload and oil shortage
Compact design with low space requirements
1x 230V socket
Tank capacity 4,5 L
Fuel savings thanks to automatic speed control at low load
Manual start

A small inverter single-phase generator suitable for camping, fishing, but also as a backup source of energy. With compact dimensions (31 cm width x 48 cm height x 41 cm length), you can easily pack it with other things in the trunk of a holiday car, with a weight of only 13 kg it is also easy to carry. The integrated fuel tank has a volume of 4,5 l. Thanks to low consumption it can last continuously for a full tank for about 5 hours. It is equipped with one 230 V / 50 Hz socket, to which it supplies continuous power up to 1 kW, for a short time it is able to supply power up to 1,02 kW.

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Engine Hecht 4-stroke
Steady power output 1020
Max. power output 1000
Drive type 26
Hladina akust. výkonu LwA (dB) 95
Sound pressure level LpA (dB) 80,2
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