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Vibration drowned pump - HECHT 3166

Vibration drowned pump with a transfer volume of 1400 l/hr. Max. discharge 70 m. Power input 600 W. Cable length 10 m. 3/4" flange. Read more ▼

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Producer: Hecht
Product code: HECHT3166

Vibration drowned pump - HECHT 3166 Vibration drowned pump - HECHT 3166

Product description


  • Power input 600 W
  • Vibrating pump
  • 110 mm borehole pump
  • Suitable for drilled wells
  • For clean drinking water
  • Steel casing
  • Pump overload protection
  • 10 m supply cable
  • Maximum displacement 70 m
  • Maximum flow rate 1400l/h

Vibrating garden pump for use even in drilled wells from a diameter of 110 mm (so-called "MALYS"). The length of the supply cable is 10 m, the maximum discharge is 70 m and the power input is 600 W. The pump is designed exclusively for pumping clean water.

The pump is top suction. This means that the suction holes are on the top of the pump. This minimises the risk of dirt being sucked in from the bottom. At the same time, however, a water column of at least 50 cm above the pump is necessary for the pump to function properly. Therefore, the pump is not suitable for pumping water from tanks, as it cannot pump water to the bottom. Another reason for the unsuitability of the pump for pumping water from surface tanks is the higher noise level, which is due to the principle on which the pump is based, i.e. vibration. In deep wells and boreholes, however, the noise is inaudible and, on the contrary, the pump's vibration principle results in a discharge of up to 70 m. This pump is therefore suitable for pumping water from deep wells and boreholes for irrigation, etc. The pump is designed for pumping clean water only. Vibrating pumps are generally sensitive to any impurities that would cause the valves to leak.

Maximum pump diameter: 105 mm

The texts given as descriptions of the products' functions are in no way intended as instructions for use. Please refer to the user manual supplied with the product when using it.

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